Bio Oene van Geel



Oene van Geel (1973) studied jazz violin  and composition / arranging at the Rotterdam Conservatory.

Teachers: Michael Gustorff (jazz), Thijs Kramer(classical), Rob Pronk (arranging) en Bob Brookmeyer (composition).

After this he studied South Indian and contemporary music with Rafael Reina at the Amsterdam Conservatory.


Whether he is playing viola, violin or percussion, Oene van Geel is always integrating elements from different musical traditions such as: jazz and improvised music, pop & funk music, contemporary music, classical music and ethnical music from around the world.


As a bandleader and sideman he is very active in the Dutch Jazz Scene. More and more he performs outside of the Netherlands. With a wide variety of groups Oene toured around Europe, Canada, India and the Dutch Antilles.

In 2003 Oene performed in India, Austria, Slovenia, France (3x), Belgium, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain and Russia (2x).

In 2004 Oene performed or will perform in India, Canada, America, France, Hungary, Japan, Slovenia, Sweden, Germany, Belgium and Lituania.



In the past years Oene played with: Mark Helias, Mark Turner, Mark Haanstra, Wiek Hijmans, Tobias Klein, Jorrit Dijkstra, Guillaume Orti, Benoit Delbecq, Achim Kaufmann, Emile Biayenda,  Jozef Dumoulin, Ernst Reijseger, Mola Sylla, Jasper Le Clercq, Jeffrey Bruinsma, Eric Surmenian, Harmen Fraanje, Hein van de Geijn, Nelson Veras, Jim Thirwell, Steve Bernstein, B.C. Manjunath, Afra Mussawisade, Calefax rietkwintet, Kurt van Herck, Tom van Dyck, Jasper Blom, Ben Herman, Izaline Calister, Eric Calmes, Randal Corsen, Fay Claassen, David Kweksilber, Guus Janssen, Emile Visser, Friedmar Hitzer, Wilbert de Joode, Alex Waterman, Ig Henneman, Michael Vatcher, Michael Moore, Ab Baars, Martin van Duinhoven, Alan Purves, Sean Bergin, Ernst Glerum, Frank Wingold, Joost Lijbaart, Chander Sardjoe, Anton Goudsmit, Gulli Gudmundson, Vera van der Poel, Albert van Veenendaal, Hans Hasebos, Yonga Sun, Mathilde Santing, Paul Pallesen, John Korsrud, Thomas Andersen, Joost Buis,  Meinrad Kneer, Christiaan Thome, Timucin Sahin, Andreas Suntrop, Arnold Dooyeweerd, Yuri honing, Maarten Ornstein,  Tony Overwater, Joshua Samson, Fay Claassen, Corrie van Binsbergen, Mike Kenealy, George Coleman and many others


He won the Anderson Jazz Award 2002 at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam with the Royal Orchestra of the Concertgebouw. With his group 'On The Line' he won the Dutch Jazz Competition 2001. He won also won the soloist prize of that edition.  With his group 'Mosaic' he won the Jur Naessens Muziekprijs 2000. He founded more groups. Among them was  'GEEL!'. In 1998 this group won  the  Dutch Jazz Contest and got the second price at the 'Getxo International Jazz Contest' (Spain).In 1997 he won the composition contest of the Amersfoorts Jazzfestival with a composition for his string quartet 'ZAPP!'.



Main musical projects:


-The Zapp String Quartet:                 Jasper le Clercq-violin, Friedmar hitzer – violin/viola,                Oene van Geel- viola/violin, Emile Visser- cello



-Voer:                                                     Vera van der Poel- zang, Anton goudsmit – electric guitar,

Gulli Gudmundsson – double bass, Oene van Geel – viola/ percussion/ laptop, Afra Mussawisade- percussion setup


-Osmosis :                                             Guillaume Orti- alto sax, Oene van Geel- violin,

 Jozef Dumoulin, piano/ Fender Rhodes, Mark Haanstra- bass guitar

B.C. Manjunath-  Indian percussion, Afra Mussawisade- percussion setup


-Janssen, Reijseger, van Geel        Guus Janssen – piano, Ernst Reijseger – cello, Oene van Geel – viola / cajon


- Delbecq Unit:                                    Mark Turner – tenor sax, Oene van Geel- viola,                                    Benoit Delbecq-prepared piano/ sampler, Mark Helias- double bass,

Emile Biayenda – drums/ percussion


-Pavlov:                                                 Hans Hasebos- vibraphone/ marimba/ drums, Albert van Veenendaal- piano

                                                               Oene van Geel- violin, viola



Duo Kaufmann/ van Geel:                               Achim Kaufmann- piano, Oene van Geel- viola/ violin


-De Wereldband:                                                Theatrical multi-instrumentalist band with: Willem van Baarsen, Rogier                       Bosman, Roderick Krauss, Sanne van Delft, Wim Lammen and

Oene van Geel. Artistic director: Karel de Rooij


-Bruinsma Syndicaat                              Jeffrey Bruinsma- violin, Oene van Geel- viola, Eric Surmenian- double bass

                                                               Afra Mussawisade – percussion setup.


-Henneman strijkkwaret                           Ig Henneman – viola, Oene van Geel- violin/ viola, Alex Waterman- cello                       Wilbert de Joode- double bass



-With the band Bhedam Oene toured in India in January 2002 and Januari 2003)


From  October first 2001 his groups Mosaic and On The Line did a tour together around the Netherlands: the Young Vips tour. Both groups are not active at the present moment.



He worked in music theatre productions with Mathilde Santing, Alexandra van Marken, Dirk Thange, Marlies Helder en Winanda van Vliet.




Activities as a composer:


As a composer Oene van Geel writes for a lot of the groups he plays with: (The  Zapp String Quartet, Osmosis, Voer, Pavlov, Bruinsma Syndicaat, duo Kaufmann/ van Geel, de Wereldband ). He made compositions for  Tetsepi Bigtet, rietkwintet Calefax, Bhedam,  Peter Ypma + eleven and a multimedia production with animation artist Petra Dolleman. Pieces of Oene were performed by the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, director: Henk Meutgeert.


As an assignment for the VPRO radio and the  SJU Jazz festival 2002 he wrote ‘Chamber Grooves’ for the Zapp String Quartet with special guestst: David Kweksilber (clarinet/ bass clarinet) and Jozef Dumoulin (piano / Fender Rhodes). As an assignment for NPS radio and the  Marathon festival  2002 he wrote new music for Osmosis. 

For the VPRO Childrens program he composed music for Michael Moore, Guus Janssen, David Kweksilber, Joshua Samson Tony Overwater and himself.

Since four years Oene’s composing is subsidized by the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst.